Top Ways To Find Love In New York City

Finding love in New York has seemed impossible for some, but the answer is yes you will find love. You’re probably not searching for it the right way. The bigger problem New York faces is not the quantity it’s the quality. Its like all the good ones are taken and the ones left aren’t ready for anything serious. Almost everyone in their 20s to late 30s is either partying like rock stars or living their best life. Nothing really wrong with that if you’re not ready to commit. The question still stands though? Are there any good singles left? How do we find someone in such a big city? You know what they say you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince charming. It is not impossible it just takes courage and a little leap of faith. Additionally it’s necessary that you do things completely different than what you are used to. Get out there live a little don’t be too desperate though, desperation leads you nowhere. If you don’t push yourself to try new things or go different places you’re going to run into the same hitches, and that’s just going to have you feeling burnt out about the dating scene. Individuals do not move to New York for love they move for career purposes and that tends to make them look a little selfish. Some singles want their career to take off before they find a mate, and there is nothing wrong with that. Their taking care of their needs before they find someone to share their life with. They want to be financially stable.


1. Your Neighborhood

Have you ever really taken the time to fully get to know your neighborhood? Do you know when and where they hold events at? Where the singles meet? The truth is someone close and nearby is probably your best friend you just may not know that yet. There are so many things that could be taking place right around the block from you. Your future could be right outside but you haven’t given it the time and day. If you’re sitting at home wondering why it’s so hard to find a great match and you’re hoping to meet one by sitting on your couch, well good luck with that. My advice to you is step out hit your local shopping centers. Join a local gym, engage in conversations. Go for strolls around your block get to know your neighbors, volunteer at your local centers. Mingle a little put on those dancing shoes and smile. It could just be your lucky day and that random person you choose to give some time to could be the lucky one. Chances are you guys may have common interest. Making it easier to strike up a conversation as to how long he or she has been living in this neighborhood? Or share certain information one or the other did now know about. Might even find that you have more in common than you think.


2. Your Friends & Blind Dates

Isn’t it nerve wrecking every time a friend tells you hey I have someone I want you to meet. I don’t know about you guys but when I hear that the only thing I can think of is really? Do I look that desperate that I need my friends to help me find someone? I cringe and can’t help but get annoyed but honestly who knows you better than your friends? I know it’s not the ideal way to meet your significant other but hey does it kill you to give it a shot? You have nothing to lose it can actually turn out to be one of the fun nest nights you’ve had in a while. Sometimes your friends may know what you need. That’s why they step in and try to help. Always be positive about any date you go on. Positive mind positive vibes. It’s good for you to go on dates with several people. You’re keeping your options open and that’s good. Never shut your friends down though they could have acquaintances or friends that you’ve never met or given the time of day because you simply judged them without getting to know them. So from now on go on those dates with a positive outlook enjoy each other’s company. You may have met your match or a made a new friend.


3. Social Media

The internet has fooled us at times. It has changed the way we think about so many things. It has influenced people’s perception of love. It has made individuals so self-conscious. Self-representation has grown enormously. It has given confidence and courage to singles who are looking for love the old fashion way. The internet and social media have made it possible for people to reconnect with friends, exes, and people they’ve never met before. Sometimes sparking up a conversation with someone new can be interesting. Plenty of new things to talk about and get to know from one another. Through the internet your able to present yourself differently. It may be harder to start a conversation with someone face to face. So behind a computer or thru the internet, social media it could be a little less frightening. Be open to finding love or the one in any situation. It’s not written anywhere that you can only find love in one place. The idea of online dating or social media is seen as a romantic fantasy. The thought of picturing your future or potential partner starts to form in your head. Giving you that thrill and excitement and that chance of hope. I truly believe that it has the ability and benefit to improve interactions.


4. Texting

This can be tricky because too much texting can lead to not much face to face. But then again it seems like in this day and age texting is the thing to do. Do couples or singles even call each other anymore? Seems unlikely it’s like everyone’s more comfortable with texting. Not saying it’s bad but it defeats the purpose of one on one interaction. Face to face conversations noticing expressions. Too much texting can lead to disappointment when you don’t get a reply within seconds. Or it can get misinterpreted when you start using slang. Texting not only helps the nervous and the socially-awkward it’s also good for testing the waters. It’s a safe way to check if someone is interested or mad. It’s been proven that couples or individuals dating who text more often have less chances to reconcile whenever there’s a problem with the two. There’s no sincere apology you tend to ignore the messages because you’re over fighting you don’t care to reply at the moment. Leaving your partner in frustration for the lack of communication and all that just piles up. That when you do reply one or the other is not over your dilemma because his or her feelings got pushed to the side.


5. Do’s & Don’ts

It seems like now and days everyone is a dating expert. They all have the answers on what to do and what not to do. Really though? Can you really take advice from anyone that is not married or in a happy relationship? Our best advice would be no. That is not the smartest thing to do.  Let’s get one thing clear always look at everything with an open mind. Don’t sit and try to convince yourself that you only have one type. Don’t be so judgmental and hard on someone because they don’t have the same beliefs as you, or raised the way you like. You don’t know what battles and tribulations someone went thru to be where there at now. Don’t forget to be yourself be comfortable in your skin, At the end of the day if they’re going to like you it’s going to have to be because they know the real you. Don’t go faking the funk. Remember it is very easy to tell when someone is lying or playing the part in other words. Whatever you do don’t come off as easy, desperate or undesirable. Stick to getting to know each other. Take turns asking questions. Don’t get carried away talking about yourself or your past relationships. That’s a big NO NO! Bring up what your about now what you enjoy what makes you a better person.  Not what you were before. They want to know you the real you what your all about now. Do talk about your present your goals what you have planned in your future.


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