Dating In A New Age

By elite matchmakers at Elite Connections


Remember when they said money couldn’t buy love? Well these elite matchmakers think singles weren’t searching in the right places! In this day and age, our chaotic schedules and fast paced lives have made it extremely challenging for qualified singles to meet that special someone. Let’s face it, we aren’t in the sixties anymore, the dating scene has changed drastically. It’s not as easy as picking a car. Now days singles don’t meet one another in bars anymore, for one they are too busy to spend numerous nights a week going from bar to bar, and for two what are the chances you’ll meet your significant other in an atmosphere like that? Typically bars don’t have the quality of singles many are searching for.

In all honesty, apart from the difficulties that come with our professional lives and careers, the atmosphere that surrounds dating is a chaos. The commitment, of having to communicate and obtaining conversations via text, figuring out what your infatuation likes and dislikes, then discussing who pays at the end of the date has become a whole new level of difficulty.


Realities of 21st Century Dating

Modern day dating is a mysterious blend of fun and stress. It could be everything and nothing at all. It revolves around a pivot of expectations and disappointments. You can go from being highly infatuated by someone to losing interest in days. One minute you will think you are someone’s priority because of the time they are spending with you, then you find out or realize you are just holding a small piece in their life till someone new comes along and takes your place. Things could fall apart because of the standards we have set for ourselves. Little things like texting abbreviations could become criticism; internet slang like “k” could be misconstrued as someone being angry or upset leaving you hanging and no clue what went wrong. Let’s talk about curiosity that must be matched with the right amount of audacity.

One of our professional matchmaking team’s clients shared a past experience before employing our services, “I was sitting by myself at the train station, stuck my phone to my ear to answer a call when I noticed this woman on the other side of the ticket counter smiling and blushing at me like someone who had found her potential future husband. I smiled back once and the battle within me began, should I or should I not make a move? Should I go up and talk with her? I processed the last image of her smiling at me. Before I looked up, low and behold, she was gone”. Sometimes the opportunity is there but you lack the needed courage to set, or in this case, your mind is focused on whether or not it’s the right moment to take that step.

Many Singles opt for working with Professional Matchmakers. Hiring a professional matchmaker doesn’t make you weak at dating nor does it mean you are “undateable” in any way. It just simply means you are busy and drained of exhausting yourself trying to find quality and potential singles the old-fashioned way or online. The process is rigorous and thoroughly scientific, it weighs not just on what you seek in a potential match, it is also about finding out what you have to offer in a relationship. What a professional matchmaking agency like Elite Connections does is guide clients in the right direction, psychoanalyze all clients, provide dating tips as well as listen to necessary post-date feedback. Some singles think hiring a professional matchmaker is a bit too new-age or a little over the top. While others think it’s just what they need. Either way, we can’t change facts, if you have struggled to pilot your own relationship destiny, a professional matchmaker might be the ultimate relief you need.

Successful careers sometimes come with a lot of travel, tours and attending events, leaving you with little time to start or even maintain a potential relationship. Let’s face it life moves so quickly one minute you think you found someone then next thing you know you were so caught up in the real world that you’re back to square one. Alone and giving up on finding the one. Yes people meet online but that’s very few out of the millions of meetings. Websites have failed in building long lasting relationships because it doesn’t employ the in-depth style of a professional matchmaker. A previous client once said she had tried online dating but once she met the men in the real world, what they portrayed on their profile page wasn’t who they were in person. Their photos were outdated, their personality traits were not how they described themselves to be and in the worst-case scenario, their marital status wasn’t accurate. She left the dates feeling like it was a waste of her time. Simply explained, matchmakers do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

Professional matchmakers’ superiority is obvious. Dating sites have failed for many reasons, but one big factor is because single professionals have become more selective in their desired criteria of a match. Women especially are more detailed in their quest; they say things like, “I want a man who is 6’2″ and taller, makes a minimum of $400,000 net income with green or blue eyes.” Men are also stepping up their search parameters, a client narrowed in and requested for a “slim, blonde haired, 5’8″ woman with no children” This criterion proves to be difficult to find. The searches deployed by typical online third-party dating sites prove to be unsuccessful at getting the job done. They let singles create their own profiles, search for who they would like to meet with and it’s completely up to the singles if they make a date happen or not. There are no phone calls, interviews or background checks to verify the quality of these singles.

The Pros of Elite Matchmaking. One major benefit of a professional matchmaking agency like Elite Connections is that they do all the work for you knowing fully well what they are doing. They have been trained and educated on how to create quality matches. Once you take advantage of all the benefits our services offer, and book a seat in our database, all you need to do is get prepared for your dates- and even then we won’t leave you to fend for yourself, if you would like, your personal matchmaker will help you prepare for dates as well. We link you up with top quality, serious minded people who are ready to start a relationship.

Also note that in our years of facilitating thousands of genuine love stories, we have come to identify honesty as a fundamental factor of a relationship’s sustainability. Many relationships these days are built on lies and as soon as actions unfold, a little exposure can turn things south-ward quickly. The instant the truth gets exposed, disappointment is accompanied by betrayal and then communication in the relationship takes a toll for the worse. Nothing after that stays the same for the reason that the trust is now lost feelings have been hurt, how do you believe anything from then on that your partner says? Elite matchmakers organize precise methods to interview and cross-reference details of every client to see if all of their background information checks out.

Elite connections waste no time in satisfying your desires and that’s just one of our many pros. Making your mind up to hire the services of a professional matchmaker isn’t just a quick decision it is a service that will cost you some good money, it’s a personal investment for yourself and your future. This is why upon hire, satisfying our clientele is the ultimate goal. Our client’s happiness is our number one priority.

Why you should hire Elite connections. Our success rate precedes us, the numbers don’t lie. We have a desire for satisfying the customized needs of every client and this has resulted in a high success count. The vast majority of people who have secured the services of Elite connections are enjoying a stable long-lasting relationship while on the other hand; most of these relationships have transformed in to successful years of fruitful marriages.

Elite Connections’ matchmakers are friendly but firm experts. We provide proper guidance and if your interests aren’t good intentions, you will be told. Our professional matchmakers are experts at what they do and that’s why every client that steps in as a single leaves satisfied. We understand the importance of your preferences and our desire is to get you face to face with someone who checks all your boxes. While online dating leaves the bulk of the job to you, our team helps you cut through the chase until you meet your perfect match.