The Key for Success at Dating Singles in LA

Dating advice by award winning LA matchmaker

Do you feel that dating singles in LA is a struggle? One reason may be that advances in technology, although important to daily living, have created more diversions that affect the dating scene. As an LA matchmaker I know everyone is constantly on their phones, pulling their attention away from the personal contact necessary for dating success!

If you are really ready to meet that special someone, it’s important to put down your phone and pay attention to them personally during your first meeting. Giving someone your attention along with the utmost respect and courtesy on a date is a great way to make a great first impression.

When dating in LA, it’s easy to feel like you can get lost in the endless pool of other singles. At times it seems that singles in the city of angels have endless choices for finding a partner. You are faced with mutual friends arranging blind dates, speed dating, slow dating, quick drink dates, and various online dating sites to choose from. But are these activities really the answer to your dating prayers? Most people seem to jump at the latest trend in dating without giving it much thought, often with disappointing results.

Many individuals in the 21st century tend to make quick decisions without regard for how it impacts their future. This can lead to multiple first dates that don’t progress anywhere. With an overwhelming amount of options, people never focus on a single individual because they’re still analyzing their last date.

Online dating may be fast and easy, requiring nothing more than a few seconds to check a picture and swipe right or left. It’s certainly a good way to get a lot of first dates, scanning past people judged solely on surface looks. Online dating often creates feelings of insecurity because we are overwhelmed with the amount of other Los Angeles singles doing exactly the same mindless thing. Singles often feel pressured what they consider to be their dating competition, with most people always moving onto the next best thing.

When I first started my matchmaking agency, Elite Connections International, 25 years ago, Internet dating affected the number of people willing to allow professional matchmakers to help them in their search. But a funny thing happened. People gradually became fed up with fast paced online dating fury and the amount of con artists and liars they were meeting online. And they began to realize the benefits of matchmaking services in helping them establish a real and lasting romantic connection in the pool of Los Angeles singles.

Yes, I have friends that have experienced online dating success. But I have many more that wound up feeling cheated. Serious singles come to Elite Connections because they know the candidates we introduce them to have as much honesty and integrity as they do. Online dating in LA is a charade because many people are simply looking for a fun time and not a serious relationship. It’s easy for people to lie and take advantage of you in this situation.

Our matchmaking clients are different. They represent the cream of the crop of singles who want to meet quality people who have been screened personally by our matchmakers and are looking for a committed relationship. Matchmaking offers you the peace of mind that you have a better chance of finding that special someone.

At an elite dating services LA, your dedicated LA matchmaker helps you find the person of your dreams from a group of pre-screened, qualified singles. The benefits of using a matchmaker includes taking the stress off dating in LA because you don’t have to go out to find the person that best matches your needs and desires. At Elite Connections International, we pay attention to every detail regarding what our clients most want, including personal interests and hobbies, as well as religious and ethnic background. Your matchmaker listens to what qualities are most important to you so we match you with like minded individuals.

But it’s important to understand that no person is perfect. Everyone has deal breakers and issues when choosing the right mate. We will ask about the issues most important to you, including children, religious values, educational background and shared hobbies and interests.

Whatever your criteria, there is someone out there that will fit most, if not all, of these important factors. The best part of working with our LA matchmakers is that they have a quality database to draw from, dramatically increasing your chances of meeting that person that fulfills your needs.

Why not contact the elite matchmakers LA at Elite Connections International today? You’ll receive great dating advice and find out how we can help connect you with that special person you’ve been waiting to meet!

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