Great Dating Advice for Singles in Beverly Hills

Advice by an award winning Beverly Hills matchmaker

The internet has completely changed the way in which singles in Beverly Hills meet one another. This is even more true in larger cities like New York or Miami. In order to make more successful connections, singles in Beverly Hills can benefit from some proven dating advice, provided by Elite Connections, the premiere agency for matchmaking Beverly Hills.

1. Flirt now, text later

Forget about your phone while on a date if you’re serious about finding love. Even if the person doesn’t seem appealing, you made a commitment to meet, so don’t be rude by constantly checking your phone. Listen, ask questions and be polite. As our matchmakers at Elite Connections always tell clients, put your best efforts forward toward making this person a friend at the very least. You never know how your relationship may change in the months ahead.

One couple I introduced through our matchmaking dating service didn’t experience romantic sparks. But their date was fun and a close friendship ensued. And guess what? He eventually introduced her to his best friend, and she married him! This connection would never have been possible if she wasn’t friendly on that first date.

2. Never Excess in Excess

Some people feel so desperate to find their perfect mate that they make dating a marathon race, often cramming several dates into one day. Relax and take your time! Take each date as it comes, give each person a chance to impress you, and then go ahead and continue your search if it’s not working. Slow down, pick one avenue and give it your all. When you date in a frantic hurry, you never present your true best self and actually decrease your chance of finding true sparks with the right person.

3. Don’t Judge By A Photo

Technology may be great, but it’s doing a pretty good job of destroying our ability to read. You spend a second or two looking at a photo, then swipe left or right without much thought. Have you considered this person’s qualities or interests? You can’t tell much about how well a person’s qualities or values might match yours if you are only focusing on a flaw in a photograph. Our work at Elite Connections has proven there is much more to meeting a new person than how they appear in a photograph.

As a matchmaking professional and the founder of Elite Connections International, I’ve talked with many famous actresses and models. They all agree no one looks in real life like they do in a photo. Most photos taken during a shoot are touched up to make them flawless. One of the best pieces of dating advice we can give you is to ease up on looking for perfection and give people a chance.

If you are unsure about the benefits of using an elite matchmaking Beverly Hills service, or think that the benefits of matchmaking services aren’t for someone like you, let me reassure you. When we accept you as a client and you begin working with our matchmakers, we work hard to learn everything about you and your preferences so we can introduce you to people who will interest you the most. All of the people you meet through our matching service have accurately reported their true age and gives us recent photos of themselves because we insist on honesty and integrity. We have personally met any person we introduce you to and have conducted a screening that lets us know if their interests, values and qualities make a good match with your own.

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