Dating Advice for Singles in San Diego

San Diego matchmakers advice on finding love

Have you ever swapped “horrible first date” stories with a friend? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier for singles in San Diego to set up another first date, but turning that first date into a real relationship can seem very difficult. Our San Diego matchmaker would like to offer a little dating advice for anyone interested in finding that special someone.

1. A Photo Tells You Very Little

Singles tend to put more effort into finding a new restaurant than they do into meeting potential partners. They check to see how many stars it received and read a few reviews. However, when searching for someone that could become important to them, they swipe left and right until they spot an attractive photo and send an instant message or two.

What does a photo tell you about a person? Almost nothing. It doesn’t say a thing about someone’s interests or whether this is someone you’d enjoy spending a lot of time with. All an excellent photo really tells you is that it’s been touched up by a professional. When you’re searching for a date in San Diego or La Jolla, remember that a photo tells you little about someone.

2. Your Phone Will Ruin Your Date

Did you ever have a bad date with someone who kept checking their phone? Did that make you feel unimportant and neglected? Phones are date-killers. If you’re in business, would you keep checking your phone during a meeting with a potentially important client? No. You’d focus on that person and work at developing a relationship.

When you made the date, you made a commitment. You’ll only get out of the date what you are willing to put into it. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities and turn off your phone. Be nice. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Our matchmakers at Elite Connections all know the most important first step in a new relationship is friendship.

You can’t predict what can happen. A few years ago, I introduced a couple who enjoyed each other’s company and had fun together, but the romantic chemistry just wasn’t there. However, a lasting friendship developed. Ultimately, she met his best friend and there weren’t just a few sparks, it was a Fourth of July fireworks spectacular. They got married. Imagine if this had been you and you’d blown off that first date as “nice enough but no sparks.” You’d never have met the love of your life.

3. Look for Quality, Not Quantity

If you make a habit of going on a lot of dates with people you really know nothing about, you’re ruining your chances of finding a lasting love. You don’t value the dates and don’t invest in developing a relationship. You quickly decide there’s something wrong with this person and go on to the next.

No one is perfect, but there is someone out there who could be perfect for you. Nothing in your life is worth more than taking the time to find that person. Make the search a top priority. Don’t exhaust yourself emotionally with too many meaningless dates. You’re worth a lot more than than that.

At Elite Connections International, our San Diego matchmakers will only introduce you to people who we have screened. When you go on that first date, it won’t be with a random stranger, but with someone we believe you’ll enjoy knowing.

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