11 Great Dating Ideas

Professional matchmaker gives great tips for fun dates on a budget.

Not everyone looking for love has an endless supply of money laying around in which to find it. Love or not, most everyone has a dating budget to keep after being connected by a professional matchmaker. That’s why Elite Connections International has come up with some budget-friendly date ideas that’ll optimize your benefits from using matchmaking services to help you find those elite singles.

Don’t distress and imagine embarking on a series of cheap dates from hell involving dumpster diving for moldy Ramen noodles. Well, unless that’s your idea of fun. Anyway, date ideas on a budget doesn’t mean doom and gloom. It simply means creativity.

There are many benefits of using an elite matchmaker in finding a date… and it does save time and money meeting people that were nothing like was posted on their online profiles. Online dating can be a nightmare and people are asking for help to meet in a less expensive way. A prime example is the conduit for connecting. Over-complicated, fancy dates often mean the couple is more distracted by the goings on and less involved with getting to know each other beyond a surface level.

How To Go On An Inexpensive Date The Fun Way

So, you’ve signed up with Elite Connections International. The dating service has done its professional matchmakers work to introduce you up with a match. Now, it’s time to figure out some fabulous date ideas on a budget. The key to creativity on a less expensive date is to think about opportunities that give you quality time in a setting that doesn’t act as a money and attention leach. Here are eleven ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Animals

If your matchmaking efforts deem that you and your match have a shared interest in animals, then you have a lot to work with for budget-friendly date ideas .

You can schedule a date for the local animal shelter. Volunteer to help or just go to play with the animals. Local pet stores are also an option. Zoo’s typically have a low-cost admission day if exotic animals are more your speed. Maybe you both have an animal? If so, take them to an animal-friendly park for the day.

2. Arts And Crafts

One of the many benefits of a matchmaking service is that you get to know common interests before you date. Perhaps you and your date both enjoy photography or the arts; visit a local museum. Look around and talk about those shared interests.

While there are specialty, niche business that charge you an arm and leg to create an art canvas, really horrible clay pot, or the alike, many craft stores offer free classes to the public. And, who says you have to have an instructor? If you have some craft supplies at home, then the date can be about creating from those supplies.

3. Nature

Take advantage of nature’s free bounties. This can be a mountain hike, bike trail, beach, national forest, local fresh water, and such. Fishing? Swimming? Running? Hiking? Camping? Tandem bikes? Row boats? The possibilities are endless for inexpensive date ideas. Such settings provide you with ideal opportunities to have meaningful, undistracted conversation once you’ve made that initial matchmaking connection at Elite Connections.

4. Local Events

Whether browsing vendor booths or taking advantage of free music entertainment, local fairs, car shows, fundraisers, festivals, and such are fantastic sources of free entertainment dates. Many social media sources have an ‘events’ tab that’ll connect you with plenty of free local events near you. Check out local magazines and newspapers for events, too.

5. Eat In

Food is the way to a many a heart, my own included. There are some more of the benefits of using a professional matchmaker – foodies can unite!

But, even the most devote foodie will attest that fine dinning can easily kill several hundred dollars between drinks and sweets. Sorry, but this just isn’t among the budget-friendly date ideas. The good news – few care about fine dining when you can have an intimate picnic or meal at home.

Restaurants can be loud and service often ruins what could be connective moments. Try making your own tasty treats. You might even schedule a cooking date. A fun idea is for each of you to bring a couple secret ingredients the other doesn’t know about. You work as a team to come up with a way to use them together in a custom recipe.

6. Video Games

Did you’re professional matchmaking results show you’re both into video games? If so, set up a date for some healthy competition with your favorite games. Winner gets to splurge for a $5 pizza and beer.

7. Traditional Games

Play a board game; card game; dice game; charades; Pictionary; or, heck, have a marathon of them all. You can create a reward system. You can add a bit of adult rules and creativity. Spice it up or keep it clean, but you can learn a lot about a person by how well they handle rules, winning, and losing.

8. Movie Night

Going to a movie theater or professional play during prime hours and days are far from cheap date ideas. Look for dollar days at the theater and check your local park for free movie in the park nights. For plays, check out local high schools and colleges. The tickets are usually much more affordable.

A different route is to hit up Netflix, Redbox, or Hulu for some cheap date movies. If time allows and you have a satellite service, you can even DVR episodes of your favorite shows or movies.

Each of you could bring your favorite movie and discover a lot about each other’s tastes.

9. Ferry Ride

While many things have skyrocketed in price, ferries have remained a relatively cheap way to burn a day on the water. Make sure your dating service shows you both like water activities. We don’t want any seasick lovebirds.

10. Living The Kid Life

Karaoke can show hidden talents or just how outgoing a personality each of you have. Put all those appealing attributes you listed on your Elite Connections profile into action and show just how fun you can be!

Maybe sports is more your speed. Ride bikes on the beach and have lunch at a little beach cafe. Hit up a free game at the local high school or youth club, which are free to low-cost dates compared to the hundreds of dollars you’d spend on professional or college games. Take golf, tennis or dance lessons.  It’s fun to learn new things together.

Here’s a really fun cheap date for you. Hit up the Goodwill or thrift store together and come up with the most absurd, funny, sexy, or themed outfit you can with a budget limit of $5 or so bucks. Wear your outfit to your favorite dive bar. Let the patrons pick who wins for best outfit. Chances are you’ll earn some drinks on the house, too, for providing some free entertainment.

Team up together against another couple for a scavenger hunt. Learn how well you work together while having a blast. Instead of buying the items on the list, you can makes the rules that you have to snap a picture of it.

11. Free Tours

If you’re a drinker or just interested in the technical aspects of it, tours of wineries and breweries are often free. Same goes for some cookie and chocolate factories. Some orchards will allow you to pick all you want for a very economical price.

There you have 11 inexpensive date ideas. Never assume you have to obliterate your social budget to have a great date after using a matchmaker service. Elite Connections International provides you with that perfect opportunity for a matchmaking services connection. It’s up to you to cement that connection with your dates.

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