11 Expert Dating Tips for Men

At Elite Connections International, our male clients are serious about finding a high-quality partner. But what can guys do to up their dating game before they ever speak with a matchmaker? Keep reading for 11 professional matchmaking dating tips men can use to improve themselves, and put their best foot forward on a date.


1. Start With The Man in the Mirror

It’s more than an MJ lyric! It’s important to ask yourself: are you healthy, happy, and confident? If not, start taking care of number one so that you can show off your best self to your date. Remember, if a woman meets a man through elite matchmaking, she will have high standards. You’ve got to be able to impress.


2. Be Ready to be Looked At

Assess your look. Is your wardrobe up-to-date? Keep it respectable, but have fun! Are you giving attention to details, such as your hair, skin, and nails? It may be time to try a manicure a fresh haircut!


3. Dress for the Occasion

We’re told in business to dress for the position we want, not the one we have. Dating advice is similar. Your clothes can represent the man you are. Sometimes that means you’re the professional in the room, but others it shows that you’re a great catch—approachable, but also sexy.


4. Mind Your Manners

Your date will judge you based on how you treat those in service positions. This doesn’t mean she’s making sure that you tip (though it shows generosity); she’s making sure that you show others respect. She’s also listening to how you speak about your mother.


5. Hold on to Positivity

If you’ve got a great attitude, you’ll catch her eye. If you don’t, she may just raise an eyebrow. Keep conversations light, check your attitude, and forget about the stress of work. If something upsetting comes up, take a deep breath and focus on the positives.


6. Be Honest About Yourself

At this point in the game, you don’t have time for anyone who doesn’t accept you as you are, so don’t hide it. If you can’t trust someone with your personal life, then she may not be the one for you. She won’t expect you to be a saint, so be yourself.


7. Accept Her As She Is

Everyone has a history, and it can be overwhelming to bring it into your life. Just remember she’s dealing with the same struggle. If there’s enough common ground, it’s almost always worth the compromises.


8. Reevaluate Your “Type”

If you’ve dated a specific type of person in the past, consider a new type. Meeting a variety of people will help you to get a better idea of what’s ultimately important to you in a mate. It’s just as important to know what you dislike in a potential mate.


9. Think Outside of the Box on Venue

Whether you’re on a date or mingling, it’s a good idea to have some variety. Elite Connections can match two people, but you two have to have enough fun together to want to do it again. Try cooking classes, barside trivia, car shows, or art exhibits. That way, even if there’s no romance, and least you’re both having a pleasant time.


10. Keep Your Entourage Light

When you’re out looking to meet someone, try not to get lost in a crowd of other men. She’ll notice you more easily, be more likely to introduce herself, or more receptive if you walk up to her with no more than one friend.


11. Keep an Open Mind about the Outcome

High expectations are common when using professional matchmakers or a dating service. Of all the dating tips, hear this: treat everyone you meet as a new friend. When you are flexible about where the adventure will take you, you’ll be more apt to make meaningful connections.


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