10 Expert Dating Tips for Women

Dating should be fun, romantic and an opportunity to develop a lasting relationship. Too often, internet dating is little more than a series of shallow, meaningless encounters. As a highly respected dating service, our Elite Connections matchmakers are dating experts and would like to offer a few dating tips for women. We are passionate about romance and enduring love.

1. Don’t play hard-to-get when arranging a first date. Talking about how super-busy you are makes you appear uninterested. Take a positive approach by saying you’re free on either Wednesday or Friday, for example. Many men will bypass an unavailable woman to look for someone who seems interested.

2. If you’re planning to meet at a restaurant, offer choices in varying price ranges. His selection provides insight into what makes him most comfortable.

3. Look your best and dress appropriately. If you haven’t done much dating recently, consider a makeover. If meeting him right after work, allow time to freshen your hair and makeup. One Elite Connections client always keeps a few essentials in her car, such as a knock-em-dead camisole, basic black dress or skirt and club heels. Be ready for fun!

4. Don’t be a Debbie Downer by talking about your awful ex, personal problems or controversial topics. Use the time to learn about each other, not argue politics. Be nice. Even if he’s never more than a friend, he may have a friend you’d be wildly attracted to.

One of the best bits of dating advice from Elite Connections matchmakers is to turn off your phone. Checking it constantly is rude and a major turn-off.

5. Don’t drink too much. Know your limit and stick to it. A good man will be turned off by a sloppy drunk. If he encourages you to keep drinking, he might only be looking for a one-nighter.

6. It’s polite to call and thank him for the evening even if you aren’t interested in pursuing the relationship. If you’d like to go out again, mention something you particularly enjoyed. Otherwise, keep it short.

7. Whether you’re finding your own dates or using a matchmaking service, you’ll sometimes need to tell a man you’re not interested. At Elite Connections International, we find most men accept being told you’re not a good match for him. If he presses for a reason, simply say it’s “feminine intuition.”

8. Once in a while, treat him. Even wealthy men are pleased when a woman offers to pay, even if it’s only coffee or a drink on the way home. We’ve been told by clients of our dating advice that women who treat them on occasion score big points.

9. If you made a nice thank-you call but haven’t heard back within a few days, it usually means he’s not interested. Men seldom play “hard to get.” If he does eventually call, it usually means you’re low on his priority list. Time to move on.

10. One of our best dating tips for women is not to rush things. A good man wants a woman who knows she’s a prize worth waiting for. If you don’t respect yourself, he won’t respect you. Any chance of real love has been lost.

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